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Application of diamond saw blade in the stone mining

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Release on:2017-08-29
Long long ago, China stone mine General used blasting + flame cutting method mining granite shortage material, although, mining technology easily master, put rate high, cost lower, but the method often occurred rock excessive broken and internal injury (micro crack), caused shortage material rate and plate rate low, and blasting vibration makes stone internal by injury and effect stone of strength, led stone strength reduced, while, blasting mining security conditions poor, waste more, storage damage environment, caused pollution.
In recent years, with the development and improvement of stone mining equipment and mining technology improved, this method of drilling was eliminated.
At present, the more common types of mining methods at home and abroad for cutting mining law, mining rope saw, chain saw, sawing round entrenched and many other. Application of diamond wire saw stone mining in foreign countries has a history of more than 30 years, early wire saw used for cutting soft stone, after sawing, wire rope manufacturer and mine enterprise long-term unremitting efforts, use wire saw for mining granite mines technologies become more sophisticated, cost significantly less, currently wire saw can be used for granite, marble, sandstone and various hardness on stone mining.
Stone industry in our country should be regarded as an emerging industry, and mechanized mining and environmental protection concept into stone mining in China is more than 10 years ' time. In the use and exploitation of circular saws equipped with domestic independent intellectual property rights (the circular saw) devices and blade, with the diamond wire saw (wire saw for short) arm and chain saws, and other mechanized mining equipment, devices and blade sizes, types, and so on, you can meet the support needs of domestic stone mines.
Because the extraction disc saw machine and saw blades are made of internally developed, so the technology level
To Fujian province Nan'an Boreway limited for representative of saw base body production enterprise, after years of research and test, launched has has independent intellectual property of mine cut empty tablets products, relative other general products, has extended 1 time times of saw tablets using life, improve 60% of cutting efficiency, reduced 30% of knife head loss and reduced 10% of current consumption, advantages, its using function from only for stone shortage material of mining, extends to 3cm above plate of directly mining, for "mine factory" Provide more sufficient conditions and strong support.