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Anhui first discovered diamond mineral resources prospecting theory to achieve a breakthrough

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-09-02
Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, August 19 (Reporter Jiang Gang, Wu Huijun) reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Geology and Mineral Exploration Bureau, "Anhui Province, Suzhou City railings ~ Chu column area diamond survey report" recently by the Anhui Provincial Department of Land and Resources organized by the expert review Will be through the first time in Anhui Province found the diamond mineral resources, to achieve a diamond ore prospecting theory of a major breakthrough.

According to Ma Yucheng, director of the Mineral Exploration Institute of the Second Hydrological Engineering Geological Exploration Institute of Anhui Provincial Geological Exploration Bureau, the census explored and delineated diabase by carrying out geochemical exploration, drilling, shaft, shallow well, sampling test and mineral processing There are two types of strong rocky and gravel-type diamond sand bodies, which are mainly found that there are diabase, olive basalts, basaltic breccia lava and volcanic breccia in this area.

Ma Yu-guang told reporters that the discovery of diamond mine in Suzhou, Anhui Province, to fill the gaps in the mineral resources of Anhui diamond scale, China's existing diamond mineral resources have been found to have a corresponding increase in stock. At the same time in the diamond ore prospecting theory to achieve a greater breakthrough from the previous super-basic rock to the basic rock.

According to reports, in the domestic and international diamond prospecting exploration process, the traditional primary diamond mineralization type mainly Kimberly rock type and potassium magnesium lamprophyre type two categories, such as domestic Shandong Mengyin and Liaoning Wafangdian Kimberly rock type Diamond deposits, foreign Australia Argyll potassium magnesium porphyry type diamond deposits. The Suzhou railings ~ Chu column area diamond census, is the first time in the diabase bedrock and strong weathering zone found in the diamond minerals.

Reporters learned that the Suzhou railings ~ Chu bar area diamond was light yellow green, particle size 0.2-0.6mm, was from the cube and the surface of the diamond-shaped dodecahedron or cube and octahedron of the composition of the crystal (100) surface development, Crystal transparent, clean, King Kong luster. Ore industry type for the grinding and cutting with diamond, grade is a fine type Ⅰb diamond.

It is reported that the census is the Anhui Provincial Geological Exploration Fund project, by the Anhui Provincial Geological Exploration Bureau of the Second Hydrological Engineering Geological Exploration Institute, the project in November 2009 for the first time project, which lasted 8 years, has after three consecutive, During the period, Anhui Province Public Welfare Geological Survey Management Center organized experts on the project for field acceptance and on-site guidance.