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Take effective measures to ensure emission reduction targets to achieve

  • Author:Kevin
  • Source:www.boreway.cn
  • Release on:2015-09-21

China has a large production of diamond tools business, there are a lot of research departments, but also the production of "quality" of technology and product capabilities. Just take stringent measures to implement the principle of "survival of the fittest", and to support the high level of technology, management, good business, eliminated low level of technology, asperata abuse made, by the waste of resources, relying on price-subsistence enterprises, to manufacturing in China " quality "products to the market, especially in the international market, competition in international markets, both for the" Made in China "name, but also save resources and reduce emissions, but also to obtain better economic benefits.

First, the development of new standards

Diamond ToolsSome of the current national standards. For example, the outer diameter diamond saw blades, agglomeration of length, height, width, number of teeth, etc., but the lack of performance indicators. The new standards should be to increase the average cutting efficiency and average consumption indicators. Such as cold? 105mm dry slices, cut 20mm thick medium hard granite (7 ℃), continuous dry cutting 40m (linear meters), the average efficiency per minute to reach 1.0m, diameter consumption is less than 1.2mm, welding? 350mm granite blade, cut 20mm thick medium hard granite (7 ℃), continuous cut 40m (linear meters), the average efficiency per minute to reach 4.0m, consumption is less than the diameter of 0.5mm. Click to index detection, in line with indicators can be shipped reach indicators are not allowed on the market.

Second, the establishment of the authority of the test center

After the standard-setting, we must strictly implement the standards required indicators. To go through the authority of the inspection department to detect and out, according to the test report, as a measure of whether the product quality standards. Therefore, the establishment of the authority of the diamond tool testing center is necessary.

Third, the implementation of the production permit system

Diamond ToolsNot only has the use of performance requirements, as well as safety requirements. Because diamond tools are working at high speed conditions, if agglomeration occurs diamond tools matrix fracture injury accident may occur, with very serious consequences. This requires not only the diamond tool manufacturers have a high technical level, but also a standardized enterprise management capabilities. Production license system is to strengthen the responsibility of the diamond tool manufacturers, out of low technology, a mandatory measure of poor corporate management. Help to improve product quality, help to increase international market share, will help improve economic efficiency, help achieve emission reduction targets.

Fourth, improve the diamond tool industry overall technical level

China diamond tool industry a considerable part of the same product technology has reached the international level, some still in the lead. In order to improve the overall technological level, must be high-quality materials, advanced technology and equipment. The main material respect, China is quickly improve the quality of diamond, diamond quality diamond tools have been able to meet production needs. Carcass diamond tools using pre-alloy powder, to enhance the gripping force of the carcass of the diamond, the diamond function into full play; further promote the orderly arrangement of diamond (multi-layer, uniform) technology, will present to the top quality diamond tools . To implement the cold blade of equipment automatic ejection technology, both to improve the yield, but also improve work efficiency, but also ensure safety in production.

Fifth, rational division of labor, the organization of large-scale production, improve the international competitiveness

At present, ChinaDiamond ToolsIndustry basically in a state of disorderly competition. Enterprises of various sizes, uneven level of enterprise technology, production no division of labor, blockade between businesses, trade exchanges with little truth to say so, only price competition between each other, by wasting resources to survive. This situation is not conducive to the development of enterprises is not conducive to the implementation of national policies. Thus the case, the quality of the diamond tool industry in the mandatory state standards, strict quality control of product quality, companies according to their ability to market conditions, to choose the most suitable conditions for their own products, regrouped, forming groups of power, encourage those high level of technology and strength of the enterprises bigger and stronger, out of those low level of technology, small-scale, the strength of poor business, the diamond tool industry to benefit in the implementation of energy conservation policy, in order to contribute to energy saving policy . This is the only way for China diamond tool industry healthy development!

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