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Printed as "Protecting" Bhutan confronts China? Bhutanese media unveiled the truth

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-07-07
Former title: India to "protect" Bhutan confrontation with China? Bhutanese media unveiled the true face

India has illegally crossed the border into China is the first 22 days, as the Indian army has not yet withdrawn from the Donglang area, the development of international public opinion attention. Bhutan News Network reported on June 28 that the conflict was in the disputed area between China and Bhutan, which was unrelated to India, but the incident showed that India was trying to intervene in the region. dispute.

The news site also publishes an article by Wangcha Sangey, a Bhutanese legal adviser who has criticized India for its "iron policy", through the control of Bhutan's economy, Between the border negotiations.

The article said that China and Bhutan's border negotiations have been carried out for decades, the Chinese side was very sincere, but the Bhutan government in India's insistence, has been delaying the process of negotiations. The article also pointed out that the Bhutan army has never been to the Indian army to seek defense to help, the Indian army in the behavior of Donglang has nothing to do with the interests of Bhutan. The full text is as follows:

The best way to understand the fact that the Indian border guards cross the border into the area is to review the many things that are not in the border. Which he listed the following ten facts and views:

In the late 1960s to the late 1970s, the Indian government attempted to discuss the issue of non-international border division on behalf of Bhutan and China.

Second, but China has thwarted this attempt in India. China insists that Bhutan is a sovereign state and should communicate directly with China on behalf of its own position.

In this case, India has to allow Bhutan to communicate directly with China on the border issue. Thus, since the 1980s, China and Bhutan began border negotiations, and the two countries have so far carried out 24 Round of negotiations, negotiations have achieved fruitful results. India has never given up from Bhutanese side to understand all the news about the negotiations.

The Bhutanese people may feel that the negotiations are too long and the Bhutan National Assembly has the same feeling, which is understandable, but they do not understand the complexity of the international delimitation, combined with a number of other factors, including India to Bhutan And asked the Bhutanese government to win more strategic land from China, making negotiations difficult. "

5. India and Bhutan have also secretly negotiated the southern border, but the public does not know it. In the process of negotiations, Bhutan did not have the slightest say. Bhutan is now not entitled to go to other countries and regions via India. In addition, Bhutan's economy and business are entirely dependent on India, but Bhutan may have to accept this geopolitical repression.

6. In fact, China's willingness to negotiate with Bhutan is an affirmation of Bhutan's sovereignty and a step forward in pushing Bhutan's sovereignty forward. I am very grateful to China for its affirmation of Bhutan's sovereignty.

Seven, no border negotiations will be the result, the two sides will eventually sign the agreement. Bhutan must be fully aware of our limitations on China's request. At the same time, Bhutan can not ignore India's strategic interests. Bhutan is now under great pressure, if China or India to take over the area, it is a bad thing for Bhutan, the so-called status of Bhutan is detrimental.

Eight, for Bhutan, the cave area is not particularly strategic, but for China and India, the region is essential.

In the absence of border negotiations, India continues to force Bhutan to make as much sovereign demands as possible in the area. The Indian side knows that it has the influence of Bhutan, and can take the territory of Bhutan to serve its own strategic interests. India itself has lost ground in negotiations with China, so hope that Bhutan can re-voice. Which makes Bhutan caught in a very difficult situation. Every inch of Bhutan's territory is sacrosanct, and its own territorial sovereignty is justified. But for India to China to claim the disputed territory of the strategic objectives, making Bhutan into a crisis. The non-subordinate demands that Bhutan had lost the moral foundation of maintaining its rightful rights.

10, Bhutan was forced to a near endure. China will never yield to the slightest strategic stance, as China has confirmed its sovereignty over Donglang in international border negotiations with India (Sikkim). India, while negotiating with China on the territory of Sikkim and China's Tibet, insisted that Bhutan be forced to seize most of the territory of Donglang, but the region belongs to China and India could not encroach on it.

11. China hopes to improve relations with Bhutan, hoping to resolve border disputes by approaching diplomacy and other aspects. In other northern borders, China has also shown willingness to reconcile Bhutan's needs or positions, but not at the border between China and India, Bhutan and the Sikkim triangle. China will never compromise India on Bhutan's borders. Bhutanese government is also very aware of this, hoping to use the reality of attitude, once and for all to end the negotiations, signed in the border agreement. But India does not nod, Bhutan dare not sign As a result, China will maintain its jurisdiction over the Donglang area, and Bhutan will live under India's "generous kindness".

12. In the absence of border negotiations, if Bhutan is regarded as an agent of India's strategic interests, China will never give in. China may be skeptical of India's command negotiations behind Bhutan. And this time India declared publicly on behalf of Bhutan involved in the area, just confirms that Bhutan is actually playing the role of India in the Dong Lang area interests agent. This will make China firm.

XIII, regardless of what is the problem with China, Bhutan in the Donglang area of ​​the army will not be close to the Sikkim side of the Indian army. Bhutan is very clear that being directly involved in India is a sovereign surrender to other countries. Bhutan spent many years trying to persuade India to make diplomatic and political decisions to allow Bhutan to negotiate directly with China. To succeed in signing a border agreement, Bhutan leaders must show more courage and determination.

Sangjie general said, in short, Bhutan Royal Army in the border is not in order to carry out the defense mission. Bhutan's officers and soldiers were not here to use their breath to warm the cold mountains, they did not run to the Indian army for help, did not ask the Indian army to help them complete their defense tasks. In the past, the Chinese and Bhutanese forces had repeatedly clashed in the border areas, and in the process of resolving these conflicts, the Bhutan royal army or the supreme commander had never sought defense assistance from the Indian army. If China is now attacking Bhutan, then our leaders may seek help from the Indian Army. Similarly, if India attacks Bhutan, then our leaders may seek help from China, or we will be offered to us without our invitation. Prior to that, Bhutan would rely on its own power to resolve the clashes that were seen as containable at the southern or northern border.

"I need to clarify to the reader that even if there is no Bhutan, India will have a military presence.Yes, in fact, Bhutan army is trained by India, and even by India, but India did all this is not for To protect Bhutan from alien infringement, but for India's own national defense. India's defense strategy for China is mainly to expect Bhutanese forces to defend the country and China's border areas, so the deployment of troops in Bhutan But also to protect India's security. Similarly, the recent efforts of the Indian Army in the Donglang area have nothing to do with the interests of Bhutan, but also has nothing to do with the interests of Bhutan's security forces in Dakram.