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The media said: China's submarine into the Indian Ocean which is issued a warning

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on :2017-07-06
"China's submarine into the Indian Ocean" "14 Chinese warships in the Indian Ocean unusual activities," India's media on the 4th reported that this is the Indian Navy satellite And maritime surveillance aircraft recently monitored the situation. Although there are Indian naval officers said that this is the conventional route and practice of Chinese ships, but more media or this is now confronted with the Sino-Indian border confrontation, saying it was "China issued a warning." According to Indian media reports, some of the Indian pilgrimage affected by the matter of the Indian pilgrims 4 to the Chinese Embassy in front of the protest in India. For security reasons, the Chinese side had to temporarily shut down India's official pilgrims through the Sino-Indian border Sikkim Nakamura Pass to Tibet pilgrimage route. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on the 3rd, "when the route can be reopened, depends entirely on whether the Indian side and when to correct the error." These pilgrims apparently did not find the place.

"Today's India" magazine website reported on the 4th, now in the Indian Ocean through the Chinese conventional power "yuan" class submarines, excellent in India's old submarine. To support it is "Chongming Island" submarine rescue ship. At the end of May, they were docked at the port of Karachi, Pakistan. India's "Daily News and Analysis" website said the Indian Navy is monitoring their activities.

India's "Economic Times" 4 quoted non-official channels of the news that the Chinese submarine in the Indian Ocean and India-China border confrontation does not matter. The Indian Navy expressed the same view. "Usually Chinese submarines are deployed in the Indian Ocean for three months, which is their regular route and practice," said an Indian naval officer.

However, in the "India today" it seems that this is China in the confrontation with the Indian border to make the "aggressive" attitude, is a tough action. The report said that the "yuan" class submarine is not the first time the Chinese submarine in the Indian Ocean, which is China's deployment in the region's seventh submarine. "The Indian Navy watched the Chinese warships in the Indian Ocean" unusual "to increase in the past two months in the Indian Ocean to monitor 12 to 14 Chinese warships appear in the high seas , And only a few years ago, three or four ships. Even more worried about the Indian Navy is that China's nuclear submarines and conventional power submarines on a regular cruise.

There are Indian navy executives told "today India", China "Neptune" reconnaissance ship this month also entered the Indian Ocean waters. The reconnaissance ship equipped with high-end equipment can send the collected electronic information back to Beijing. New Delhi was told that the ship into the Indian Ocean was intended to monitor the upcoming Malabar exercises. It was used to monitor the previous Indian-American joint military exercise.

India, the United States and the Japanese Navy will hold joint military exercises in the Bay of Bengal next week, including submarines and aircraft carriers, according to the Indian Dean Herald. This year's Malabar 2017 military exercise was the first time since Trump took office, and was held shortly after he and Moody's meeting. Military operations focus on aircraft carrier battle group joint operations, maritime patrol and reconnaissance operations, surface ships and submarine operations. The newspaper said the military coincides with the Chinese navy steadily expanding the footprints of the Indian Ocean.

Ocean military academic research researcher Zhang Junxuan 4 in an interview with "Global Times" reporter said that for a long time, the Indian media is always in the rendering of "China threat", often on the normal operation of the Chinese navy hype, many of its reports are not In line with the actual situation. A few years ago, China sent submarines in the Gulf of Aden escort, India expressed dissatisfaction. In fact, some NATO countries such as the Netherlands also sent submarines to escort, India did not mention. Zhang said that China's mission in the Gulf of Aden to carry out escort is in the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions, assume international responsibilities and obligations, India should be in the normal state of view. In the Sino-Indian border confrontation is still on the occasion, the Indian media to say things, is undoubtedly want to transfer the attention of international public opinion, cover up the illegal border of India, the fact that border.

Not only that, the media also take pilgrimage pilgrimage to do the article. A dozen Indian official pilgrims protested against the Chinese embassy in New Delhi on the same day after the suspension of the border in China, the Sikkim Nakayama Pass to the Tibetan pilgrimage route. The report said that China rejected the first batch of 50 pilgrims through this route into Tibet. On the 3rd, in response to an Indian journalist's question about the matter, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that India's official pilgrims had a good job in the past two years in the Sino-Indian border, Has also been prepared for this year's reception. However, due to the border of India's border guards, for security reasons, the Chinese side had to suspend the relevant arrangements this year. India's official pilgrims are still in progress at the pilgrimage to the Tibetan pilgrimage in the undisturbed area of ​​the Sino-Indian border.