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"In the history of the most restrictive" college entrance examination will be deployed to

  • Author:Huang Xueyu
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on :2016-06-06
  The year 2016College entrance examinationEntering final countdown, recently, from the Ministry of education to local education authorities deployed intensive examination discipline, ensure the safety of this year's college entrance examination. In order to eliminate the phenomenon of exam, moves to prevent students leaving school as much as the University entrance exam "hot."

Two new laws to protect "in the history of the most restrictive" college entrance examination

  On June 3, the Ministry of Education issued a "Ministry of education reminds candidates integrity test" message, reminding candidates abide by discipline, denial of cheating.

In this message, the Ministry of education also attached two articles, one from last November to begin implementation of the Penal Code (Amendment IX), one from this month, has just launched the new version of the law on education.

  Near the college entrance examination in 2016, some media with "history" to describe this year's strictly.

On November 1 last year of formal implementation of the Penal Code (Amendment IX) clearly, in the State examination in law, organizations cheat the criminal conviction, up to seven years in prison."Cheating into the criminal"After coming in one the country's largest, most-watched national examinations--the University entrance exam.

  The Ministry of education said in a message issued on 3rd, of the Criminal Code (Amendment IX) relevant organizations provisions will be applied for the first time the crime of cheating in college entrance examination. Ministry of education reminded the majority of candidates, to honesty and consciously abide by the examination discipline and examination rules, not rely on a variety of groups and individuals "supplementary" Bewitched so deceived, loss, regret it.

  In addition to "cheating into the punishment", this month launched a new version of the Education Act defines the penalties for this cheating. According to the law, including illegal access to exam questions or answers, carrying or using cheating devices, data, copy other people's answers, let others instead of their own to take the examination, or face a "test-ban" punishment of 3 years.

It is understood that the Ministry of education has asked local educational departments to carry out "credit exam" and the educational activities, students good faith commitment to books, notes and other material added to the Penal Code (Amendment IX) and the new amendments to the law on education of exam-related offence a penalty clause in, let the candidate know cheating entails serious consequences.

Forbid the entrance of Ministry of education safety

  Of this year's college entrance examination, "history", but also from the Ministry of education for the college entrance examination this year observed in the repeated injunctions of the discipline.

The Ministry of education website "education news" column, since May 25, the Ministry of Education issued 6 times in 10 days for ensuring the security of college entrance examination this year message.

Deployment: preventing students leaving school exam

According to the recently issued by the Ministry of information, the Ministry of education for entrance security occurred in previous years event, exam discipline relatively weak provincial education departments and schools interviewed; appeared in previous years exam "Gunners" many colleges and universities, specially issued a circular, requiring judge, to prevent recurrence of college students act as exam "Gunners" phenomenon.

  College entrance examination last year, Nanchang, Jiangxi"Exam"That shocked the nation, several people involved have been jailed. On May 10 this year, college entrance examination in Jiangxi province held the 2016 security teleconference, Jiangxi Vice Governor Yin Meigen with special emphasis at the meeting, to earnestly learn from last year's "6·7" the profound lessons of the entrance exam, highly alert and warning.

Observing security deployment for the college entrance examination this year, to prevent "much sought-after" exam, become an important work protecting the safety of college entrance examination this year.

For example, the provision of Ningxia, will strengthen the management of students during a university entrance examination, strictly leave system, confirm that school-leaving students one by one to prevent appeared as exam "Gunners" phenomenon.

  Shandong requirements during college entrance examination for colleges should stick to the normal teaching activities to enhance students ' attendance management, are generally not allowed to leave, "for no reason not to come to school, and to ascertain the whereabouts by people, where suspects, investigation looked into to prevent students participate in the exam".

Hubei also States that universities should adhere to normal teaching activities during college entrance examination to enhance students (including graduate students) in attendance, in principle, students are not allowed to leave. "Posted on the campus organization exam and looking for" Gunners ", selling cheating devices and exam answers and other exam-related advertisements for cleaning, such as found on suspects and clues to timely report to the leaders, made a report to the public security authorities if necessary. ”