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diamond saw blade sharpening machinediamond saw blade sharpening machinediamond saw blade sharpening machine

diamond saw blade sharpening machine

  • Model Number : BW-EM-01
  • swing motor : 90W
  • Wheel motor : 750W
  • Range : 250mm to 600mm
  • Dimension : 1400mm*800mm*1200mm
  • Result : Making the blade can be used directly after leaving the factory
  • Advantage : High speed and Long lifespan.
Product Description:
Brief Introduction:
The BWM-EM01 three-side edging machine for diamond saw blade is designed for edging the diamond segments of diamond saw blades, making the blade can be used directly after leaving the factory.
1* User-friendly design, compact structure.
2* Easy operation, wide application.
3* Three-blade and welding oxide layer clear edge, can be completed in the same machine.
4* Clean job, very environmentally friendly.
5* High efficiency, daily output 300-400 pieces.
All of our products have been strictly tested before access to market.
Other specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Specification of diamond saw blade sharping machine:
 Model  BWM-EM01
 Blade rotation motor  1500 W
 Wheel motor  750 W
 Swing motor  90 W
 Wheel diameter  200 mm
 Range  250-600 mm
 Dimension  1400*800*1200 mm
 Power supply  380 V 50 HZ
 Wheel speed  1400 rpm
 Saw spindle speed  300 rpm
 Weight  360 KG
Other specification can be customized according to need.
The following shows are only part of diamond saw blade sharping machine:

Packing & Shipping:
Diamond saw blade sharping machine packing in the carton.
We can also pack the diamond saw blade edging machine according to your requirements.
Special specifications need to be negotiated for delivery times.

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