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Scrap diamond segment hammer machine

Scrap diamond segment hammer machine

  • Model : BWM-HM01
  • Voltage : AC 220V or 380V
  • Power : 1.5KW (220V) or 1.1KW(380V)
  • Application range : 300-800 mm
  • Weight : 90 KG
Product Description:
Brief Introduction:
The BWM-HM diamond segment hammer machine to remove the left useless segments from the used saw blades.
1*Our machine does not damage the saw blank, so to lengthen the work life of the saw blank;
2*High working speed, easy to operate;
3*Automatically removing the useless segments;
4*High effiency, 400-500 PCS output for 8 hours;
5*Design to be no slide rail, long work life.
All of our products have been strictly tested before access to market.
Other specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Specification of diamond segment hammer machine.
 Model  BWM-HM01
 Voltage  AC 220V or 380V
 Power  1.5KW (220V)   1.1KW(380V)
 Application range  300-800 mm
 Weight  90 KG
The following shows are only part of diamond segment hammer machine:
Packing & Shipping:
Diamond segment hammer machine packing in the wooden.
We can also pack the hammer machine according to your requirements.
Special specifications need to be negotiated for delivery times.

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