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What are the Skills of using Saw Blades?

Aaron Lin 2019-12-20 10:33:17

There are many factors that affect the operation of the saw blade. What should we pay attention to? Here are some suggestions for Diamond Saw Blade for Quartz Stone cutting provided by the author.

1. Feed speed. It mainly depends on the performance of processing materials. When the cutting depth of each material is fixed, there is a certain range of cutting speed. If the speed is too high, the diamond will accelerate wear and even fall off, resulting in excessive consumption of the saw blade. If the speed is too low, the self sharpening process of the saw blade will not be normal, so that "blunt, slippery" cutting ability will be lost. Generally, the feed speed should be slow when cutting, and should be even when sawing. For common typical materials, when the cutting depth is 20 mm, when the thickness changes, the cutting speed can be converted according to the cutting area (cm2 / min).

2. Cutting depth. For medium hard stone such as marble and limestone, it can be cut through at one time. For hard stone and grindable granite and sandstone, it should be cut step by step. The cutting depth of granite with single saw is generally 10-20mm, the cutting depth of marble is 50-100mm, and multiple pieces of hard granite with double sides are cut. The cutting depth of each time is 3-5mm. It should be used according to the hardness of stone The performance of Diamond Ceramic Tiles Saw Blade and saw machine depends on.

3. Saw blade rotation direction. In the same direction as the stone feed direction, it is parallel cutting, otherwise it is reverse cutting. In the process of reverse cutting, there is an upward vertical component, which forms the potential to lift the stone. Therefore, in order to stabilize the stone, under the same conditions, it is necessary to use parallel cutting as much as possible. When reverse cutting is used, the cutting depth should be reduced, generally to 1 / 3-1 / 2 of that in the straight cutting.

4. Idling. Especially when the new matrix is used for the first time, it needs to idle for about 30 minutes, and it needs to idle with water in the high temperature season in summer. Its purpose is to further eliminate the influence on the matrix when welding the Diamond Edge Segment for Granite, and enhance the memory of the internal quality of the saw blade in the high-speed rotation state.