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560W electric hand-held angle grinder for diamond tools560W electric hand-held angle grinder for diamond tools560W electric hand-held angle grinder for diamond tools560W electric hand-held angle grinder for diamond tools

560W electric hand-held angle grinder for diamond tools

  • Model:BWM-DC-S1M
  • Rated voltage:220 V
  • Rated frequency:50 Hz
  • Rated power:560 W
  • Rated speed:13000 RPM
  • Aperture:16 mm
  • Maximum disc diameter:100 mm
  • Power cord length:2.65 m
  • Weight:1.7 Kg
Product Description:
Brief Introduction:
The electric mini-angle grinder, also known as the side mill, is a hand-held power tool for cutting, grinding and polishing. Flat gear head, suitable for working in a narrow space, reversing protective cover adjustment is simple and convenient, can provide reliable protection, armored cable coil, can protect the motor from dust, so as to obtain a longer service life.
1* Durable universal motor;
2* Variable speed control;
3* Shaft lock for easy pad removal;
4* Water attachment with adjustable valve User replaceable brushes;
5* Locking power switch;
6* Easily removable disc guard;
7* Includes Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

1* Always wear goggles !
2* Selection of safety line speed of 72m/s disc !
All of our products have been strictly tested before access to market.
Other specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Specification of electric mini angle grinder:
 Model  BWM-DC-S1M
 Rated voltage  220 V
 Rated frequency  50 HZ
 Rated power  560 W
 Rated speed  13000 RPM
 Aperture  16 mm
 Maximum disc diameter  100 mm
 Power cord length  2.65 m
 Weight  1.7 kg
Other specification can be customized according to need.
The following shows are only part of electric mini angle grinder:

Wrench, carbon brush, dust cover;
One-time purchase of 10 machines, free to send some grinding and saw blade.
resin filled diamond cup grinding wheels
Packing & Shipping:
Electric angle grinder packing in the carton.
We can also pack the electric angle grinder according to your requirements.
Special specifications need to be negotiated for delivery times.

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