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4 Inch 100mm Dry Use Polishing Diamond Resin Pad Grinding Disc For Grinding Machine Suppliers4 Inch 100mm Dry Use Polishing Diamond Resin Pad Grinding Disc For Grinding Machine Suppliers4 Inch 100mm Dry Use Polishing Diamond Resin Pad Grinding Disc For Grinding Machine Suppliers4 Inch 100mm Dry Use Polishing Diamond Resin Pad Grinding Disc For Grinding Machine Suppliers4 Inch 100mm Dry Use Polishing Diamond Resin Pad Grinding Disc For Grinding Machine Suppliers4 Inch 100mm Dry Use Polishing Diamond Resin Pad Grinding Disc For Grinding Machine Suppliers

4 Inch 100mm Dry Use Polishing Diamond Resin Pad Grinding Disc For Grinding Machine Suppliers

  • Brand: Boreway
  • Size:4 Inch,100mm
  • Pad Type:Circular Polishing Pad
  • Model: BW-DPP-D-01-02
  • Function:Stone Floor Surface
  • Working Style:Surface Grinding
  • Machine:Angle Grinder,Floor Grinder
  • Type: Rubber Diamond Wire Saw
  • Materials:Resin+Diamond Powder
  • Use:for Concrete and Terrazzo Floor
  • Grit:50#, 100#, 200#,400#, 800#, 1500#,3000#, Buff
  • Application:Marble,Granite,Ceramic Tile,Quartz,Artificial Rock

BOREWAY Best Selling Polishing Pads For Grinding Machine,Diamond polishing pads are used for the grinding of materials such as stone, ceramics and floor tiles. For example marble, concrete, concrete floors, terrazzo, glass-ceramics, artificial stone, floor tiles, glazed tiles and vitrified tiles for special processing and repairing and turning.

Diamond sanding disc polishing disc is self-adhesive on the hoop and loop back sanding pad, and suitable for grinding stone, ground tile, ceramic.This kind of diamond polishing pads is suitable for stone polishing, line chamfer, the arc plate and special-shaped stone processing. it can also be used for processing, repairing and renovating marble, concrete, cement floor, terrazzo, glass ceramics, artificial stone, tiles, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles.

With high durability and superior polishing effects,the diamond polishing pad has been widely used as concrete polishing pads,granite polishing pads,marble polishing pads,etc. for stone and concrete surface processing.It can be used for grinding and polishing both flat and curved surfaces of natural and artificial stone.It is also a popular range of diamond tool for stone surface repair and restoration.Easy and fast dry polishing kinds of Stone like granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc. with long polishing life.

Standard 2.1mm thick, 1.5", 3", 4", 5", 6" diameter, 8 pieces diamond polishing pads set for dry polishing of marble and granite contoured and straight edges.(Diamond Dry Polishing Pads Suppliers)

These are the highest quality diamond dry polishing pads available from China today. Using the latest technology these pads will polish without using water as a coolant. Do not confuse these pads with cheap thin pads. Color coded for easy identification. Velcro backing for quick pad changes. Includes 50#, 100#, 200#, 400#, 800#, 1500#, 3000# Grits and Buff.

Noted: Regarding Grit Buff pad, if no special requirement we usually offer Black Buff instead of White. Black Buff is suitable for polishing kinds of color material, and white Buff is for white or light color material polishing.

1.Using a unique resin binder, the pad is soft and easy to install and use;

2.Strong grinding force, fast polishing speed and high gloss

3.Good wear resistance and long service life

4.No scratches or color after grinding and polishing (hard to dye)


Specification of Diamond Wire Saw For Reinforced Concrete Suppliers:

Other specifications are available upon request.

Click to learn more products: Diamond Wet Polishing Pads Wholesales


1.Recommended speed is 2500RPM, Max capacity is 5000RPM;

2.Fast polishing, good brightness and non-fading without changing the color of granite&marble stone;

3.Corrosion resistance, strong abrasion resistance,arbitrarily folded and long service life;

4.Resin bond diamond polishing pad for granite & marble tile stone,polishing,restoring,grinding or shaping;

5.Flexible, suitable for different shape polishing,dry polishing can work more efficiently and with less pollution;

Using Tips :

1.Ware an apron,a gauze mask and safety glasses first.

2.Connect a back holder to the polisher or angle grinder and attach a wet pad of grit 50 to the back holder.

3.Set the speed at 3,000-4,000RPM and start polishing process.

4.Moving two passes across and one pass up and down is a good technique.Make sure all prior scratches are removed before moving onto the next grit.

6.Repeat the same process using all 7 pads to complete the polishing process.Polish from grit 50 to grit 3000 respectively.Do not skip.

7.If you want to achieve the best polishing results on granite or other natural stones,use Buff pad as the last step.Wet the work piece and run the Buff pad semi wet with very low water.When the water is consumed,the process is complete.Repeat as necessary to improve the luster and achieve the mirror effect result.

8.Dry pads are designed for use on jobs without using water,but polishing with a small amount of water to wet the object surface will ultimately reach a better result.


1.Provide free sample testing for bulk orders.

2.All quality failure can be fully compensated.

3.Provide great after-sale service, and technique support.

4.Finish production and deliver the goods in time as scheduled.

5.Produce diamond tools with different models or sizes as per your request. (OEM or ODM Service)

"Steady. Quality. Service."

We are a professional manufacturer & supplier of diamond tools in China. 

We had been in this business line for 10 years. We can provide the following products for use with granite, marble, concrete, ceramic tile, glass, Quartz and steel:

Diamond cutting discs / saw blades

Diamond polishing/grinding pads

Diamond grinding wheels / bits

Diamond drilling core bits

Other diamond tools accessories (router bits, engraving bits, backer, etc.)

Please contact us if you are interested in bulk orders
If you have any further questions about our company, services, or production, feel free to contact us!


1.Different stone choice nearly color polishing pad

2.Different Grit apart in different color

3.Use Hand Polishing Machine.The speed of machine must less 4500 RPM,The pressure must less 3kgs/cm2


1.dry polishing pads are specially designed for Granite, Marble, Ceramic, Concrete, Quartz etc.

2. Suitable for stone polishing, line chamfer, the arc plate and special-shaped stone processing.

About Us:

Metal Round Grinding Pads Tips



1.Tools packing in carton cases 

2.By Air/Sea for batch goods, Airport/Port receiving

3.Less than 45kg, generally delivery by express(Door to Door)

4.When tools are in large quantities, they are packing in wooden cases
Metal Round Grinding Pads Tips


Sample order ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS etc
For mass order delivery, can be optional with terms of Exwork, FOB, CNF, CIF by air or by sea based on the buyer’s forwarder or ours

Our Service:

1.Low MOQ: It can meet your trial order need well.
2.OEM Accepted: We can produce according to your sample or drawings.
3.Good Service: We treat our clients as God with high professionalism and passion.
4.Good Quality: We have strict quality control system. Good reputation in the market.
5.Fast Delivery: We have big discount from forwarder.


1.How could we know the quality, if we want to order your products?
Please just test them with a very small order, then you will know the quality. At present,so many people in the world to use Chinese products, because of the high quality and most competitive prices. We are professional manufacturer in supplying diamond tools for more than 8 years. Anyway, confirming our products quality, a small trial order for testing will be necessary.

2.Can you offer free samples?
We don’t offer free samples, according to our many years experience, we think people get the samples by paying, they will cherish and appreciate more what they get. But we are willing to give our potential customers a special discount which they are used to do a testing. It is very important to give us feedback, we appreciate it.

3.Does your company accept custom-made?
Surely, we accept it. Including differentcolor, grit etc. We also can mark your ownlogo and brand on the pad. Any new productsyou want us to produce for you, just send us your drawing or sample, we will produce the same one. We will not sell this kind of products to other customers only if we get your permission.

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