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Which is the better diamond segment for saw blade?

Dora Zhang 2021-08-31 18:34:32
Diamond saw blade segment for marble block,How can we distinguish a good diamond segment,, the boreway manufacturer will answer for you.

In the current market, there are many styles of diamond cutter heads, and there are differences in the fineness of various saw blades. Maybe we have diamond cutter heads that look similar to our naked eyes,diamond segment for single blade, its performance is also greatly different.

For buyers who do not know much, it is unscientific to simply look at the thickness and height difference of the diamond cutter head, appearance color and other methods from the surface of the diamond cutter head.

1. Check the welding condition and observe the weld. If the weld is discontinuous and the edge of the cutter head is not vertically aligned with the base water tank, chip removal and heat dissipation will be affected. And it may cause the cutter head to fall off.

2. Observe the exposed emery on the diamond cutter head, and observe the concentration and distribution of emery. High quality diamond bit with moderate content of carborundum and uniform dispersion.

3. Lift the diamond cutter head in your hand and observe whether the diamond cutter head is aligned with the substrate on the horizontal plane. If the cutter head is uneven and staggered, it is likely to cause plate edge collapse and even cutter head falling off during use.

Again, compare the thickness of the diamond cutter head and the substrate thickness. Generally, the cutter head is about 1mm thicker than the substrate, The reason of this design is to avoid damaging the matrix and improve the service life of diamond cutter head. Boreway specializes in providing you with high-quality services and products, such as:stone block cutting diamond segment.