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What will effect diamond saw blade?

we use diamond saw blade to cut lots of things. For example, we use  BOREWAY Diamond Circle Saw Blades Supplier saw blade to cut hard stone like concrete, ceramic, granite and marble. The diamond saw blade is very sharp for the stones, but there are different element that will effect the sharpness of the saw blade.

1.Diamond size. We use different size diamond in the blade, and the normal range is between 30/35 and 60/80. The smaller the diamond size are, the sharper the saw blade. For bigger diameter saw blade, we need high cutting efficiency. Hence, we use big size diamond. The smaller diameter on the contrary, need smooth section. Therefore, we use small size diamond.(T-shaped Segmented Saw Blade Manufacturer)

2.Diamond concentration. The diamond concentration is the diamond density of distribution in the casing. Which means the diamond weight in each cubic meter. If there are 4.4 karat diamond in each cubic meter, the diamond concentration is 100%. If there are 3.3 karat diamond, the concentration is 75%. The higher the concentration are, the longer the usage life of the saw blade.

3.The hardness of the blade. The harder the biding agent are, the better the anti-fraying function of the blade. When cutting, you need to adjust the hardness of the binding agent to get the best cutting result.

4.Different effect. When cutting the different material, the blade will receive different effect. Such as, centrifugal force, sawing force, sawing heat and cyclic loading. Different effect will cause the abrasion of the blade.

Diamond saw blade is a excellence tool for us to cut the stone. We need to take a good care of it and elongate the usage life of the diamond saw blade. BOREWAY China Saw Blade Sharpener Supplier,can produce according to your samples or drawings more specifications diamond tool.