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Can marble be used for litchi surface effect?

Boreway supply Professional Litchi Surface Bush Hammer Grinding Tool, is suitable for sophisticated welding technology and can be used with floor machines.It is a China bush hammer tool

What are the characteristics of pneumatic tools?

Boreway Supply To Diamond Polishing Machine, Angle Grinder, Polishing Pad, Cup Wheel, Grinding Pad, Grinding Plate, Resin Pad.

Which hand tools can be used on stone?

Boreway Supplier cheap price China Air Wet Angle Grinder Supplier, Portable Power Tools Electric Angle Grinder Manufacturer, Handheld Stone Edge profile Grinding Machine Suppliers

What are the advantages of boreway HTC floor grinding block?

The cheap diamond grinding shoe, diamond grinding head, HTC diamond grinding plate, PCD grinding plate, cheap diamond grinding pads supplier from China BOREWAY professional manufacturer

Where can curb stones be used?

Where can curb stones be used? The sharp cutting blade produced by boreway factory has long service life, high efficiency and diamond saw blade, which forms the boundary of curbstone, roadway, sidewalk, green space, isolation belt and other parts of the road.

How to wholesale bush hammer tools?

As one of the few litchi face tool manufacturers in the field of diamond tools in Quanzhou, China, we must continue to innovate and provide standards for technological progress

What are the characteristics of high quality diamond calibration wheels?

Boreway Manufacturer have provide the Diamond Calibrating Rollers in different shapes and colour, We can also customize the specifications and models that suit your requirements according to your needs.

What should I do if there are cracks in the concrete floor (1)?

What should I do if there are cracks in the concrete floor,There are many methods below, please find in the article


What is the difference between diamond grinding wheel and resin grinding wheel?

Diamond grinding wheels include metal bond grinding wheels, ceramic bond grinding wheels, resin bond grinding wheels(Diamond Resin Filled Cup Wheel Factory), electroplating bond grinding wheels, and diamond grinding wheels are also called superhard grinding wheels!

So what are diamond grinding wheels and resin grinding wheels?

The resin of the resin grinding wheel is a kind of resin bond. The grinding wheel manufactured by it has very high strength and certain elasticity, but it has low heat resistance, so it cannot be used in some industries.

Diamond grinding wheel is super tough and has no elasticity. Its heat resistance is very good, but it is complicated to manufacture and has a long process cycle.

In the industry, there is a big difference between the two types of grinding wheels. Diamond grinding wheels are widely used in concrete cutting operations, while resin grinding wheels are very suitable for grinding some metal products.(Wholesales Diamond Grinding Wheel For Stone)

There is also a diamond resin grinding wheel, which is a kind of grinding wheel that combines resin and diamond. It is mainly mixed together, so that mixed cutting can increase its strength when cutting, and in the cutting and polishing of some materials, It can effectively control the cutting effect, etc., and is more suitable for the grinding and cutting of some metal products.

BOREWAY Phenolic Resin Grinding Wheel Manufacturer, resin-filled diamond cup grinding wheels are used for grinding and shaping the surface, corners, edges and corners of natural stones such as granite and marble. Especially suitable for leveling, grinding, polishing or repair work, if a smooth finish is required. Resin filling provides good support and makes grinding extremely smooth.


1. The design of resin filled diamond chips can provide a very smooth and flat surface.

2. Suitable for most angle grinders.

3. Has a good balance and stability.

4. High efficiency and long life.

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