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The first day of the International Stone Fair: to the world a grand introduction to the head

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2016-11-09

                2016.11.08 Yesterday was the first day
                                         Stone companies from around the world are brought together in the head
                                                    Water head, where your charm?


       Fujian, China's stone industry is a big province, and Nanan is occupying more than 60% share of Fujian stone industry, enjoy the "China Stone City" and "China's building materials village" in the world. As the stone capital of China, Nanan stone enterprise base in India, Brazil, Egypt, more than 10 countries, the head has become China and even Southeast Asia's largest and most complete types of stone production and export base.



        May be a lot of people will be surprised, head, a stone town is not rich why the development of the country's largest stone distribution center, and called the development of stone industry, "stunning legend" mean? It is because there is a group of hard-working, pioneers, wisdom, stone people. One side of water and soil to support people, the head of stone people born with the inherent "love to fight to dare to win" the passion and blood, many people firmly adhere to the stone head "do not admit defeat," the simple and "not retreat" In the stone industry in the development of the stormy waves of innovation, the courage to stick to, good breakout, the stone road getting wider and wider. At the same time the current "Stone Fair" through the exhibition, will, marketing the organic combination of the three to further promote the Nanan stone culture, promote the stone industry transformation and upgrading, to speed up Nanan build stone industry cluster and international stone capital construction, enhance the industrial complex Strength and international competitiveness, built with international influence and regional characteristics of the international stone processing and manufacturing base, the global stone trade show center, the world's stone professional service Heights, to enhance the Nan'an, Quanzhou and Fujian stone industry visibility and influence.



        At present, the town of Shuitou stone has more than 1000, the output value of over 20 billion yuan, accounting for the national market demand for more than 60%! Throughout the Chinese stone industry, the head of stone footprints throughout the country every corner. In today's times, stone as an important building decoration materials, their presence is everywhere. From the majestic high-rise buildings to luxury hotels, and even a small home have the shadow of the stone. Of course, these are inseparable from the stone head countless people day and night with the stone company, regardless of flying dust to the body harm, for the stone industry continues to grow and develop, head stone people, has been moving forward!



       Stone spirit is the head of the spirit of head stone people rely on hard-working hands, the wisdom of the brain, and stone tenacity of the spirit, promote the prosperity of the community, the success of a better life! The world's stone to see China, China stone look head. This praise is the largest stone head who encourage, so today we can proudly say: I am the head stone people, I am proud!