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Copper-based Diamond Saw Blades

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2015-09-28

Diamond SawCutting granite, marble, concrete, refractories, glass, ceramics, pavement, graphite electrodes and other non-metallic materials special tools to sharp wear is known. Over the past decade with the rapid development of the domestic building materials industry, the domestic demand for the stone processing industry diamond saw blade is increasing rapidly. Manufacturing diamond saw blade is serrated key technology chemical composition, and their corresponding preparation processes.

Innovative features of the copper-based diamond saw blade is inexpensive copper, nickel instead of expensive cobalt, first developed in the international copper alloy matrix of diamond saw blades, diamond saw blade life making copper base to meet or exceed cobalt-based diamond saw blades, diamond saw blades cost than cobalt base reduced by 40%. The technology can also be based on the performance of different areas of stone, developed for different hardness of granite diamond blade.

The project was started to develop since the early 1990s, he began series production in 1996, 97 years mass-scale production. The technology has passed the Science and Technology Commission in 1997 and technology achievement appraisal, establish its gripping force mathematical model of an international initiative. The development project of provincial scientific and technological progress of Light Industry, was recommended as the 1998 Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, included in the national 95 "key scientific and technological achievements to promote the project.

Copper-based diamond saw blades manufacturing process using the substrate and the diamond segment welding or repression. Advanced production technology, strict implementation of quality control, so that the quality exceed similar domestic products, cost less than similar domestic products, with a clear competitive advantage.

According to the present technology products have the following characteristics: Cutting high efficiency, low energy consumption; Jukou smooth, save material. The State Building Materials Industry Bureau in line with the frequency distribution of JC340-83 standards; substrate outer to the inner aperture to beat comply GB1184-80 "shape and position tolerances of the provisions" of the seven tolerances.

Main Specifications: Specifications: Φ100-500MM, life: 20mm thick standard stone, cutting more than 1000 m wear 0.18mm.


Major equipment: induction sintering equipment; sintering furnace, induction welding device, annealing hardness, elemental laboratory; laboratory and related testing equipment. Equipment, the total investment: 800 million, working capital of 200 million.

The main raw material: 65Mn steel, diamond, copper, iron, nickel powder.

Auxiliary conditions: 1000 kVA transformer, water, gas supply, plant 1,000 square meters.