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Capello airborne, Suning fans worried about tomorrow may be a new deal

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Release on:2017-06-09
After being eliminated AFC Champions League on Hong Kong, Suning Korean coach cuilong Zhu chose to resign to leave before the new coach, the team has been acting by Li Jinyu. However, the fans can not praise the strength of Li Jinyu, he has a nickname called "a coach", because he was fighting Yongchang last year, but to bring down the line ahead of time. Many fans believe that if Li Jinyu continues to take Su Ning, then I'm afraid I'll have to go home with Yongchang.
Fortunately, today, Suning announced the official club coach, and is a Italy Name: Capello! For those who know a little about football, Capello's achievements need not be repeated. The brilliant record of the past is one of the important reasons for Su Ning to choose him, and this time he is not only one, but also the coach team of Italy, including Brocchi, Zambrotta and other big names.
Today's super is marshal Scolari, gathered, Boas, Pei, et al. The arrival of Lagrange Nimes Majiate, Chinese let football become a gathering of famous coaches. Now, coupled with a Capello, fans can not help shouting big fun. After the Football Association introduced the new policy and restricted foreign aid, foreign teachers seemed to be the key to deciding the club's results. At present, the top ranked teams, their common point is that there is a good foreign teacher!
And Capello airborne Su Ning, his salary is naturally low. According to sky sports news that Capello's salary up to 120 thousand pounds a week. Of course, his strength is definitely worth the salary. However, many fans began to worry, Capello's arrival will lead to a new round of the new deal, the Football Association tomorrow will not come to a new deal, requiring clubs to use only local coaches?
Obviously, fans are making fun of the Football Association on foreign aid and the use of U23 players policy, seriously contrary to the law of professional football, even Lippi can not help but carry out tucao. Now, in the absence of foreign aid, the teams began to write articles on foreign teachers. Capello's arrival, perhaps for the super pattern is a subversion, I hope fans worry situation will not happen, otherwise, Chinese football may be revived again!