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Do not go out 360 smart cameras broadcast the festival practices throughout the country

  • Author:Kevin
  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2015-09-27
Do not go out 360 smart cameras broadcast the festival practices throughout the country

In China the vast geographical bred different holiday customs, in addition to the full moon and eat moon cake Mid-Autumn Festival, the customs of the country is also very different. It is reported that, during the Mid-Autumn 360 smart cameras will broadcast live all over the country custom, away from home do not have time to go home users can always watch the excitement of the home screen through mobile phones, feeling that familiar and unfamiliar festive atmosphere.

In addition to the full moon festival on, eat moon cake, some places formed a lot of special Mid-Autumn Festival customs. Such as Anhui heap pagoda, Hong Kong dragon dance, Guangzhou tree Autumn, Jinjiang burning towers Aberdeen, Suzhou Shihu see string month, worship the Dai, jump on the Hmong, Dong stealing moon vegetables, Gaoshan toss dance. These, by 360 smart cameras cloud Live platform "drop Live" can be seen in the hometown feel festive atmosphere while also understanding Autumn custom elsewhere nation.

                         Sichuan countryside eyebrow City Live

It is understood that the droplets 360 live smart cameras are "see the world", "Family attitudes", "freshest" and other channels (phone download APP 360 cameras to watch). Not only will people see colored food on the table people, but also to see the beautiful cities nationwide street, smoke curl small farm house, the mysterious Millennium distant town, crowded tourist attractions, do not go out to learn Autumn local culture and customs, different ethnic groups feel festive charm.

                      Yunnan Dali drop live picture

More interesting is that in addition to watching live outside, netizens also in the studio and drop anchor and other users comments exchange, to anchor consult local customs, cultural history, local cuisine with other users to share information, Travel, etc., in real time intuitive access to the most authentic information, do not go to a trip.

"A lot of interesting water droplets appear on the live broadcast station recently, such as the Hong Kong port, Shapotou, Yunnan Dali, what Huairou chestnut festival, gourmet cooking, etc., festive atmosphere increasingly strong, I could not help but want to see go out and see the world, but Mid-Autumn Festival on two days off, live at home and see bad ...... "said Mr. Wang, who lives in Hangzhou.

                     Hong Kong Cheung Chau Pier No. -7 Live

Up to now, 360 smart camera users has reached 1.5 million, that is to say 360 smart cameras have been all over every corner of the country. Mid-Autumn Festival celebration of the people in this great holiday, users will openly share exciting content to live on the water droplets to form a massive live video libraries, users throughout the country to provide the most realistic visual information, can not go out to see the world.

In addition, many young people because of work, distance and other reasons can not go home Mid-Autumn Festival reunion with his family, so, through intelligent camera lens 360, spend time with elderly parents, Doudou long lost children, as many people's choice . 

Broadway Machinery Co., Ltd., Fujian Nan'an wish the global overseas Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival happy, happy life!