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2015 synthetic diamond market analysis

  • Author:Sherry
  • Source:www.chinabgao.com
  • Release on:2015-09-19
With the beginning of the 1970s, synthetic diamonds appear blocky and the mid-1980s, the film-like diamonds entering the market, and a significant decline in the cost of production of synthetic diamond, diamond sharp increase in consumption, the current international market for synthetic diamond total demand has more than 1 billion kt. Consumption mainly stone processing, concrete cutting, machining, glass processing, geological drilling, oil and gas exploration and electronic industrial processing semiconductor materials, production drawing molds.

Before the 1990s, the main market of synthetic diamond machinery, geology, petroleum, drilling and other industries, to account for about 60% to 70%. After the 1990s, due to the development of stone processing industry, led to the development of synthetic diamond industry, stone processing industry for the number of linear synthetic diamond rises, now its consumption accounts for about 70 percent of the country's total output of synthetic diamond .

In recent years, China's oil and gas extraction continued to heat up, particularly in the western development of the construction of oil mining, natural gas and other large projects, strong demand for diamond tools. According to the geological drilling assignments in recent years, hydropower, coal chemicals, and other statistical data, estimate the geological diamond drill bit market demand is estimated at 15 to 200,000, diamond consumption of about 350 to 4.5 million karats. PCD drill oil drilling domestic production of composite films can not meet demand, and the quality, but off, the current need to import. Accordingly, oil and natural gas industry is a promising diamond market.

According to the Chinese synthetic diamond drill industry market survey shows that in 2000 China's auto production reached 2,000,000, 2005 car production will reach 3.5 million. But so far, the domestic diamond tool machining difficult to meet the needs of the automotive industry, the introduction of a large number of complete sets of automated production lines, while imports from abroad. Thus, the domestic machine tool market process has the potential future market expansion and occupation.

In recent years, China's communications industry, ceramic industry has developed rapidly, and better prospects for the future development, therefore, drawing film and ceramics will be a substantial increase in diamond tools, a large potential market.

At present, China will actively explore the international market of synthetic diamond. Yichang Black Whirlwind cards as diamond saw blade matrix German exports is expected to reach $ 1 million, accounting for 18% to 20% of all products; and the production of diamond tools IOL Institute of incumbents laser welding diamond circular saw blade can be exported to the US Hope breakthrough 10,000; Baoding Octopus - stable synthetic diamond exports reached Germany Diamond Co., Ltd. $ 5,000,000, orders still flocked to products sold to the US, Japan, Europe, South Asia and other countries and regions.