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Out of fear and suspicion? The Chinese navy's fleet is "hitting the wall" in India

  • Автор:Chois Dong
  • Источник:Www.boreway.com
  • Отпустите на:2017-06-05
Out of fear and suspicion? The Chinese navy's fleet is "hitting the wall" in India.
2017-06-05 07:58:00 Global network I want an error.

Since April 23, the Chinese navy, consisting of the destroyers of the destroyer, the missile frigate, the Jingzhou warship and the integrated supply ship, Chaohu, has travelled to more than more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania for nearly 180 days of goodwill visits. The Indian Telegraph reported June 3 that the ship's formation was scheduled to visit the Kachin Port of Kerala, India from 4th to 7th, but "the Chinese navy crashed into the Indian wall".
3 of Indian officials confirmed to the paper that they had received a visit from China and insisted that New Delhi allow 3 warships to dock in the port of Kerala. But Chinese officials believe that the date of their approval is too late, a delay that is tantamount to denial. Two of Indian officials, though not agreeing to China's assertion of a "negative" visit, acknowledged that New Delhi had delayed the decision by strategic concerns.
The Indian Telegraph commented that the docking of warships once again highlighted and exacerbated tensions between India and China. Indian officials say India's concern about the Chinese warship's call to Port Kachin is mainly due to the Chinese warship's visit to 20 countries along the "one-way" sea route. China proposes to strengthen its relations with countries in these regions through this visit.
The report said the Chinese warships first visited the Philippines after departing from Shanghai. This is a country that was previously caught in conflict with China over the South China Sea issue. After that, Chinese warships visited Malaysia and Burma. They then arrived in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and are now docked at the Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Although China did not mention the "all the way" in the application, Indian officials believe that the route currently visited by Chinese warships is of great symbolic significance.
India's Ministry of Defence, Foreign Affairs and the Navy did not comment on the matter 3rd. A Chinese anonymous military expert 4th told the Global Times reporter that in recent years, the printing media on the Sino-Indian military relations have more negative comments, there have been reports of a figment of the story, it is difficult to determine the authenticity of this report. But he said that, for geopolitical reasons, India has a certain wariness and misgivings about the normal activities of Chinese naval vessels in the Indian Ocean. "American and British warships are frequently active in the Indian Ocean, and the Chinese navy has the right to visit friendly countries in the Indian Ocean and to implement U.N. Security Council resolutions to escort the Gulf of Aden and Somalia waters." India's wariness of the Chinese navy is neither necessary nor normal, and should be kept in mind. "